Shellie Miller

The Mage of Small Business Magic


Entrepreneurs Have Magical Imaginations!


Right now you have an idea in your head that is just exploding with thoughts and images.  That can be inspiring and terrifying and the same time and you might get stuck in this space.


No one has ever shown you how to get to that next place, the next step of entrepreneurial business and your idea evolution. Understand how to move forward and take action.


What Do You Conjure Now?


You really want to build your own business and do your own thing! You can feel it!  That rush you get when a great idea is born with all the energy of your soul and purpose! It is spectacular!!


Where is the magic in your daily life?

What makes your soul sing?

What part of you loves what you do for a living?


I am going to go out on an intuitive limb here and say that you want so much more out of your life!


You need to create your vision and to do that you need to be

clear as crystal about what that looks like!



17 Years Business Experience

Serial Entrepreneur, involved in 30+ start-ups, great at piecing the puzzle together and a master at automation for the solopreneur.  a large wheelhouse that you will benefit from as we work together to create your unique business model.  You get to create your own playbook and you don't have to do all of this alone!  I am here to guide you through your business challenges that you will find when you are conjuring your magic for the world.  I deliver a personal approach to the needs of your vision and what you want to bring to your clients!  The incrementally crazy insight that will help you with the big picture. Together we can create the action steps, connect the dots in your fuzzy vision and collaborate on a journey map so that you can make your vision your tangible reality.

Group Coaching Workshops

Personal attention to your business needs and your goals.  Creating deep and engaging relationships with the members of my business community is what sets me apart from other coaches.  It is a conscious choice that I have made in my business to make sure that I share the same high level of dedication, energy, and connections with my each of my members.  Group workshops are limited to 6 people at a time and range in length from 4 to 12 weeks.  The members of your workshop will share in your journey and you with them, bringing amazing individual growth and a transformational experience through group engagement and support.

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I would love to connect you with and talk about your business ideas and visions!  If you are new to my work and would like to connect for more information, a Business Diagnostic Review is a great way to determine if we would be a great fit.  This is a free service that I offer to potential clients for clarity, envisioning your future of your work and seeing where we can work together!  Schedule yours today!

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