What is behind a smile at the coffee shop?

So many of us have been there.  Waiting patiently to grab that little seat in the back of the coffee shop with the great chair.  The local little coffee shop that you love to go to and just “be”.    The silence is your warm blanket and you wrap it around you like a talisman the regenerates your sanity.  You are a single soul among other souls that don’t speak to each other, just a mere nod and the smallest of smiles are exchanged.  You find comfort and solace in a lovely warm beverage that speaks directly to your soul and sit to contemplate the thoughts rambling around in your very full brain, pen and paper at the ready, sinking into your own peaceful  bubble.  OK, that might be a little dramatic, but you get the setting of this thought, right?

What is the worst that could truly happen in a coffee shop?

Now, add to this lovely little setting, the entrance of a whimsical and animated human to this coffee shop.  The scales tip generously toward the sunshine and rainbows side.  Suddenly overflowing with hilarious and abundant enthusiasm that its sparkling nature infects the entire space.  Your quiet bubble is popped.  Like a balloon on the wrist of a child at the zoo, and you have two choices.  You can gather your small items, place them in your bag.  Gently place that wonderfully warm beverage in the dish tub and leave quietly.  You are trying not to let your body language scream what you would never allow to pass your lips or…

There is a moment to shift the energy.

Or, you can step outside your comfort zone, invite them to sit with you (YES, invite them into your bubble) and start a conversation with this person.  Maybe not about anything profound and deep needs to transpire.  Maybe just a simple philosophical discussion about why coffee shops are great people watching podiums.  The possibility that some places should charge ticket fees because the spectacles that await are just delicious.  Try to understand why in person bounced into your world at this crossroads in time.

It could be for no other reason than the universe decided to throw you a monkey wrench into your well thought out plan.  Maybe just to see how you would react.  It could be that this person wants to start a business and they have no idea where to start.  So you listen to their idea and know that you are the one to help them bring their vision to fruition.  It could be that they are hiding behind all that sparkle.  They are trying to disguise the fact that they are really shy and insecure, but they are working on it!

The possibilities that the universe provides are endless, but you will never know what is behind that smile at the coffee shop if you don’t pop that bubble!  Pretty simple really, just at times, not all that easy. You never know what will be the result until you give it a try and connect with the person behind the smile.

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