Energy – Where Do You Go from Here?

Where do you go from here?  How many times have you stopped yourself from going after something you really want because, in your past, a similar situation didn’t work out for you?  So many of us allow our history to contain us.  History can stop us from really grasping our future and the possibility of our present.  Our positive energy is drained because we feed to much of it to our past that we can not change.

If you give energy to past events that do not serve you, you empower them and it gives the past power over you.  You create an emotional shrine that honors those past demons and that gives the past control over you.  When you work toward your goals you need positive energy for flow.  Allowing your past to hold you hostage steals your positive energy that you can use in your quest for your higher self.  You are blocking your energy from traveling in the path of your goal, your future.  Negative history keeps you where you are and restricts your progress to your desired destination and your best self.

Releasing the negative history that doesn’t serve you allows room for the positive energy that will serve you.  Forgiveness does not abolish the actions that created the negative history.  The actions of a situation don’t disappear from your lifeline by casting forgiveness to those past situations.  Forgiveness allows you to control the energy you give to your history and forgiveness gives you control of your history instead of it controlling you.  You give yourself the power to choose forgiveness over fear and doubt.  You give yourself the power you need to choose your path, your dreams, and your future.

The amount of energy you have in your spirit has a limit.  Thinking of your energy like a crystal you recharge, you have to recharge your energy regularly in order to keep moving forward.  There a many ways we refuel our energy.  Some use yoga or meditation for reigniting the energy we need.  Some of us create things, either a product or maybe music, that inspire us and gives us more of the wonderful positive energy we need to keep moving forward.

If you are wasting this amazing positive energy on past events that you can not change, you are limiting the fuel you have to perpetuate yourself forward to positive events that you create.  You can create the positive energy, you can create your future.  Your quest for your goals and your future is better served with the best of you and your positive energy.  All of the positive energy you can infuse in your path works for you, with you.  Why then would you waste valuable energy on history that can not change?

When choosing the past as the place to spend your energy, are not able to reach for your future.  To be willing to let go of your past allows you the sight you need for your goals.  You will not make the past disappear.  You will create a positive commitment to grasp the extraordinary nature of your future.  You can choose what you reach for and serve yourself by reaching for the positive vibration of your higher self.  Fuel yourself with the positive and open yourself to receive the amazing possibilities of your future.  This is one of the first actions you can take toward building the life that you want, the life that you see in your dreams.

Forgiveness is a very powerful gift that you give yourself.  It holds a peace that you can only experience by bestowing this amazing gift.  This might be a process of identifying the past situation, acknowledging it, and let it go.  Give forgiveness so that you can stop feeding your negative history your precious energy.  When you choose to forgive, you are stronger than your past and can end its control of your present.  You are stronger than the negative, for you are a bright shining light of the divine and you choose to move forward.  You are courageous because you choose to be.  You take action to create the positive place where you are strong and steady.  You are worthy of all the amazing positive energy that is available to you!  Take control of your energy and choose where you want to be and keep moving forward.

I know that some things in our past are impossible to forget and I am not suggesting that you could.  Your past, no matter what it is, helped to create the amazing, courageous, awesome person you are today and all the fabulous things you will share with the world.  I am telling you there is no limit to forgiveness and the powerful gift you send yourself when you make that choice.  I am telling you this out of personal experience and wish you all the strength you need to make the choice to try.  Love and light.