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Everyone who finds their way to this page has a special quality about them, you are curious and that is awesome in my book.  Working with clients that want to know more and do more with their time for their business and their life is part of why I became a coach.  It is the stepping stone to success and the first "nudge" to finding a better, stronger way to do business in the solopreneur world that is growing every day!

Everyone who comes to this site wants more from life and wants their dreams and visions to become reality.  They can feel  the powerful draw to create their amazing work and put it out into the world.  You want you light to shine brightly, so your people can find you. 
Even if you have fear of being seen for your gifts and work, you are drawn to the powerful energy that wants to create your unique business.  If this strikes a cord, you found the right place! 
You are creative, intelligent, curious and above all else, you are searching for something extraordinary.
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My name is Shellie Miller, the mage of small business and small business strategy coach for ambitious creatives and the designer of the Business Mojo, Mindset Mayhem and Creative Business Strategy.

Shellie Miller
Shellie Miller, Small Business Coach

Business & Personal Coaching with a Twist

I combine high energy logic with real-world business experience and throw in a splash of woo for an amazing transformational experience for my clients.

⬖  Programs for Small Business Alchemist with Unique Business Models  ⬗
⬖  Business Savvy Inspiration with Creative Influence
⬖  Unique Online Perspective from Years of Experience
⬖ Complex Understanding of the Challenges for Small Business Owners ⬗
⬖  17 years of Business, Marketing, & Startup Experience ⬗
⬖  High Vibration &  Motivation, No One Does This Alone  ⬗
⬖  Bring a Bit of the Woo to You ⬗
⬖ Designer of Business Mojo, Mindset Mayhem, & Creative Business Strategy⬗
⬖  One to One and Group Coaching Options ⬗
⬖  Amazing Systems Created for You and Your Business Goals ⬗
⬖ Designer of 4ATribe Retreats in Las Vegas, NV & Estes Park, CO 


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You need to grab that dream with both hands today!

I have 17+ years of business experience, including starting and selling 3 companies. I provide my clients with valuable resources and programs to enhance and explode their lives into the next level!
I teach tools, techniques, and provide 1:1 coaching and group programs that give my clients inspiration as wells as support to create amazing results for their business and personal lives.
My techniques and tools provide you will the foundations that you need to set your dreams in motion and achieve the life that you have always wanted.

You want to achieve,

you have to believe!


If you are passionate about what you do you will never work another day of your life!


Do you have a purpose that you live for each day.  If the answer is no, we need to talk!


Through techniques that I have developed, I help my clients gain insight into the obstacles that can keep you from reaching their goals and achieving the life of your dreams.


Workshops, course and retreats that keep your vibration high, create inspired action and an endless supply of motivation that will help keep you on track.

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My name is Shellie Miller, coach and small business strategist with 17 years of business & marketing experience for you to tap into.  I am a serial entrepreneur and a woman of woo that is here to help you figure out where you want to be and how you get there!  The world is waiting for your amazing idea, your unique business model and your powerful truth!  All you have to offer!  My work and my mission is to help you see through the brain trash and negative chatter to get clear on your path to your work.  I am going to help you identify and overcome those challenges and obstacles that keeps you playing small and keeps you from your true work and your vision.

Business benchmarks to intimate personal goals, I work with my clients to help them get the view they need for the life they dream about, the life they want!  Through my programs and workshops, I provide tools, techniques, and systems that have my clients take action and achieve their big dreams.  Your passions and your dreams are what set you apart from everyone else.  It makes you the incredible person that the world needs to know.  Diverse insight, multifaceted perspective, and high energy allow me to use my unique and diverse skills set to help my clients create what they love to do, do it well and get paid! You want to break free from the cycle of "almost" and move forward in your journey to achieving a blissful, joyful and abundant life with your work.

You are here for a reason. You have searched for a way to be more true to yourself and your passion.  You have big dreams and big ideas and you want to create a map to get there and you don't want to wait another 5 or 10 years to get started!   

Let me help you tap into your power and the energy you need to take action!  Request a discovery call with me absolutely free and get started today!  I want to know more about you and your goals, your intentions, and your big dream!