Creative Business Foundations
Launch Course

Do you have a plan? Do you have a map?

Do you feel like you have everything under in order and under control?

Do you have the support you need in your corner?
If you answered yes to all of these questions, and you are still here, it's because you feel like there is something missing.

Together, we make the connections that can make

your next launch the best part of your business.


This course is for you if:

Struggling for Focus

You know where you want to get to with your goals, but can't seem to come up with a game plan or stick with one.  You feel overwhelmed with all the things you feel you need to get in order and just feel like you are lost in the weeds.  We will line out your options and I will work with you to form a strategic plan of actions to move your ideas forward.  You will have to tools to get out of a rut and onto the path toward your business goals.

Staying in the Inspired Space

At times you have issues with staying on tasks and getting the job done.  You have tried tricks and hacks, but still have trouble with keeping the momentum you need to make your dream life your real life.  We will work on mindset and strategy around your daily routines, when to bust through walls and knowing that you need to taking the time you need to recharge.  

Thinking Girl

Seeing the Spark, Keeping the Fire

If you are a new player to the entrepreneur world or a seasoned serial veteran, you recognize that you start off with tons of enthusiasm for your new goal or idea and that feeling is amazing.  What you need is the piece of the puzzle that helps you keep that momentum and you know that learning how to keep that fire lit after the initial spark is one of the main pillars to a great foundation for your business.  The course will give you tools to stoke that fire and keep it burning hot.

The Other Business Stuff

Mindset is crucial to making sure you are inspired and motivate and that extends to your systems and processes that you use to organize and present your work.  When you are feeling bogged down by tedious tasks that can make you feel like you are getting no where, it can really drain your energy.  In this course I will share intuitive organizational systems that help you get your "stuff" done with less drag on your motivational mojo and that can be inspiring.  We will also drive into ways to recharge your energy and reset when you get lost in the weeds.  We will create customize work flows that help you stay in your zone and keep you moving forward.

What's inside this course that helps with all these challenges and more?

Customized Strategy

Every business has task and systems that need to be in place in order for your process (whatever it may be) to run smoothly for your clients/customers.  We will take a look a what systems would efficiently affect your bottom line and allow you to spend time doing what you do best.

Identifying Doubt

What is a doubt dam?  These are the doubts and fears that are the obstacles standing in the way of your dream.  These are the excuses and issues that you need to understand, confront and put them in there place. We will work through your dam to more clearly see your way to your finish line.  You will be introduced to tools and mindset techniques that will help you identify your dam and find ways to breakthrough.

Clear Vision

Imagine going on an amazing road trip to all the places you always wanted to see and experience.  You get in the car, full of gas and great snacks, amazing tunes and plenty of enthusiasm for the journey.  Now you need head out and get started, but you don't have a map.  You have no idea which way to start but you know where you want to end up.  This is what clarity is, the map that illuminated the path between where you are and where you want to be.

Write It Out

I will show you how to use journaling, visualization and intention can be used to identify the obstacles that you have allowed to block the flow of energy for your goals, your dreams.  You will be introduced to these techniques in order to build the foundation for your empowered mindset and get you moving forward.  These sessions can create a space for deep personal work and powerful insights.  

Breaking Through

As you start to implement the techniques taught in the first week of the course, we will work together to isolate and clear the rocks of your doubt dam!  We will use these tools and your new skills to create your empowered mindset and work to build your energy and momentum toward achieving your goal.  

When you decide to make your goal the priority, the obstacles that were once so strong begin to shatter.

Here is what you will get with this course...

Creative Business Foundations

Launch Course Agenda

  • Extended Course Time:  Attention to Launching (Service or Product), Custom Systems Adapted to Fit Your Business Model.
  • 5 Video modules, Clarity of Vision - The Unique Business Model, Motivation Mayhem, Plan and Actions, Business and Strategy, Next steps for Moving Forward. 
  •  A full-color workbook that walks you through each of the 5 modules and gives you insight into your planning your launch.
  • 10 Worksheets, 2 per module, corresponding to the content in the workbook to guide you through each of the modules lessons.
  • 10 individual coaching calls (one per week) gaining clarity in your vision and plotting details that are relevant to your business!
  • Access to a video replay of each of your coaching sessions so that you can catch those little golden nuggets! 
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you and other amazing online business owners and course alumni can answer questions, lend support and continue your journey together and provide support and encouragement as your business moves forward.  Access to free tools, workshops and courses offered at members-only discounts.
  • Bonus material at the end of each module relevant to your business.
  • Extended support for alumni of this course at a discounted rate.


Course Valued at $8300


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