You can try to define your "why" by stating the usual metaphor and statements that are commonly heard in these types of discussions. 

My family.  

My happiness.  

My achievement.  

World peace.  You get the picture.

When you dig deeper and drill down into what makes your soul shine and what triggers your deepest joy and monumental bliss, that is where your soul's purpose hides.  We sometimes ignore the signs that beckons us to it, waiting patiently for us to listen.  We are told that our "dreams are unrealistic" or that we should "play it safe" and do something normal in order to create a life for ourselves.  This is not what all of us do of course. Some hear this life lovesong and embrace their purpose early in life and learn to work with their flow, finding amazing energy in the work they do in life.  That is who I longed to be, what I longed to do for most of my life.  But I played it safe, went to college, got married, worked on corporate life in order to maintain an existence that was "normal". 

Thinking Girl

While this life was happening around me, I always admired the people I knew who were not struggling.  They glow and shine with happiness and used their divine gifts to achieve success and create happiness for others.  I questioned myself all the time when I heard the call of my gifts or felt like I was "missing" something.  I started to pay attention and I began to hear and feel the pull of my guides and my inner strength.  You have that power and you can use it to achieve all your have ever dreamed of doing!  That is because for each person, the end results of alignment are different, unique and that is the most beautiful part...IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU!

You have the power within you to do amazing things.  There are times in your life when everything seems to fall in place and your stress level decreases, your vibrations are high and you feel like there is nothing in the world that is outside your reach.  This my dubious thinking friend is called alignment!  That is right in flow with the universe and you turned the tap on!  You did that, do you remember how you got to the monumental place of bliss?  

This is where you stop limiting your thoughts, stop limiting your belief and a stop putting a ceiling on that which you are able to achieve.  Think about that for a moment.  (It's fine, take your time.  Heck for fun why don't you write it down!)  And while you have pen in hand I am going to give you another set of words that are crucial in finding your purpose and your path to align and flow...ready???

 Honesty, Trust and Faith!

These aren’t just simply words on a screen or a piece of paper.  Write them in different fonts and different colored ink and they don’t change.  Those words are simple, naked and (you got it) simple.  All three of those words have one thing in common, you can’t go “halfway” or “almost” with any of their meanings or descriptions.  There are no versions where these words are different by sentence structure or definition.  Honesty, Trust and Faith are what they are and make no apologies, no compensations and no discount to what they stand for in this world.

So my deepest “WHY” that I have been working on for so long is

simply intricate in nature.

To help those who seek to be honest with themselves, their purpose and their intentions.

You have to be honest about your demons, your fears, your hopes and your dreams and be clearly honest with your intentions.  To help another achieve this brings me joy and satisfaction that I am not able to describe in words.

To guide you into how to trust yourself and believe in your gifts and your purpose.

Being able to trust yourself and listen to your senses and all the signs that are around you everyday is a cornerstone to attracting, pursuing and attaining your biggest dreams.

To show you that having faith in your gifts and purpose is key to attaining everything your want in your life.

Faith is more than just blindly believing in a phrase, a mantra or a set of values.  Faith is knowing, without question that you honestly trust your soul's purpose and live your truth everyday with passion, love and joy!

Your dreams are not going to land in your lap, you have to work and make a conscience choice to be on your path and go toward the life you were meant to live.  

Start your journey today and work with me to get the clarity, confidence and create your life where you achieve what you dream!