Mindset Bootcamp

This course is designed with your unique goals in mind!
Your goals start with what you are passionate about, so there should be passion in the journey to achieving.
Our goals and dreams are based in our deepest desires and we must choose to make them happen!
What are you waiting for??

The last time you set a goal for yourself, did any of these challenges pop up?

Struggling for Focus

You know where you want to get to with your goals, but can't seem to come up with a game plan or stick with one.

Staying Motivated

At times you have issues with staying on tasks and getting the job done.  You have tried tricks and hacks, but still have trouble with momentum.

Keeping the Spark

You start off with tons of enthusiasm for your new goal or idea.  You need help learning how to keep that fire lit after the initial spark.

Thinking Girl

Breaking Through

Are you feeling like you never get to celebrate your victories when you do reach your goals?  Mindset is crucial to making sure celebration is part of your plan.

What's inside this course that helps with all these challenges and more?

Identifying Doubt

What is a doubt dam?  These are the doubts and fears that are the obstacles standing in the way of your dream.  These are the excuses and issue that you need to understand and work through in order to clearly see your finish line.  I will show you tools that will help you identify your dam with proven techniques of visualization. 

Write It Out

I will show you how to use journaling and visualization to identify the obstacles that you have allowed to block the flow of your goals, your dream.  We will work together to use these techniques to build the foundation for your empowered mindset and get you moving forward.

Breaking Through

As you start to implement the techniques taught in the first week of the course, we will work together to isolate and clear the rocks of your doubt dam!  We will use these tools and your new skills to create your empowered mindset and work to build your energy and momentum toward achieving your goal.  

When you decide to make your goal the priority, the obstacles that were once so strong begin to shatter.

Here is what you will get with this course...

  • A full-color workbook that walks you through the process and gives you insight into why your goal setting needs a reset and how to get it done.
  • 2 Video Modules as a companion to the workbook to assist you with the process.
  • 3 personal 30 min coaching sessions where we will work together on your goal.  Clarity of vision for your map to successful action toward your goal and step by step break through your doubt dams  <$300 Value>
  • Two Group Coaching 1 hour+ coaching calls with me to dig into your goals, your mindset with other members for feedback and discussion. <$350 Value>
  • Access to video replay of the group sessions so that you can catch those little golden nuggets! <$200 Value>
  • Access to a private facebook group where you and other alumni can answer questions, lend support and continue your journey together.
  • Automatic VIP membership to 4ATribe.com with access to free tools, workshops and courses offered to members only.

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