You clicked on this page to learn more about what and empowerment coach does right?

You want to know how I am qualified to help you get your creative work out into the world.


I am a serial entrepreneur with 15 years of business marketing, corporate management, and entrepreneurial startups in my wheelhouse.  This means I have been in your shoe on multiple occasions and had to maneuver through the same doubt, confusion, and mindset mayhem that you are right now.   I am also a certified Life Coach, worked with 100's of people to create a life they want and continue to pursue ways to help my clients to enjoy a creative entrepreneurial lifestyle.

My job is coaching my clients about the mindset they use to get from point A to point K.  Do you realize how many times someone has an outstanding idea or innovative project and they stop themselves from even starting to produce it because they doubt that they are capable!  It is a crazy, high, insane number!  How many times has this happened to you?


I am an Entrepreneur Empowerment Coach and a small business strategist for ambitious creatives and the designer of courses like Business Mojo, Mindset Mayhem and Creative Business Foundations Series for Online Entrepreneurs. I work with my clients on creating their own unique business model, small business strategy, and getting clear and staying there!  I coach with tools that are used by some of the most successful entrepreneurs in today's world with both group courses and VIP 1:1 coaching!


As an intuitive empath, a successful business owner, and a woman with 15 years of start-up, marketing, and executive experience, I coach my clients on how to create, establish and grow their unique business model.  I work with my clients to create positive energy flow in the world to enhance their gifts and their work. The systems I have created empower my clients through my courses, workshops and 1:1 coaching programs, enables them to design, invent and capture the life they want to live, bold and big!

So you might have just said to yourself, "You're a what?"

Yes, you read that right, intuitive empath that loves business, especially solopreneurs and small businesses with founders that LOVE what they do and are all in to make it happen!  Make what happen?  Make their dream life their real life!!   

So let's back up a little bit and let me tell you how I got to this place and decided to tell the world about my gift and how I use them to bring my clients to huge A-HA moments, transformational mindset, and empowerment! 

I chose to ignore this part of me at times because I thought I had to be just like 90% of the people that I associated with, in a sense.  Blindly going about life like I was supposed to do.  I filled my life with tasks in exchange for a common currency to obtain material items that held value in everyone else's eyes.  

I worked in the corporate world for many years.  I was always looking for the tallest ladder with the biggest shiny beacon at the top just waiting to be plucked from its lofty perch.  

But I was so very...miserable, unless I was guiding someone else up that ladder, reaching for the next promotion, striving to hit that next big sales goal.  There is where I found my purpose, my happiness and the spark that we all ache to find.  

Coaching someone on their next big move and not sure why I knew what that should be, but I did and used it for their benefit.  Motivation, inspiration, showing someone that mindset was the only thing holding them back from the goals they wanted to achieve.  Cheering, collaborating, and empowering my clients became my path to my amazing life.  When they listened to my guidance, used my methods, they were doing something differently and it allowed them to experience so much freedom, success and bliss.

I was following all the blueprints to a life that someone else had laid out for me because that was the way to it was done by so many that had come before me.  That map was created years ago and it was used by my parents, my siblings and most of my friends from school.  They blindly went down the path that someone else had created, ignoring all the signs and reasons to look in a different direction.  Every time I listened to my inner voice and followed the signs, I achieved amazing things in whatever work I was doing or passion I was engulfed in at that time.  I had to be hit over the head with a cosmic 2" X 4", before I finally figured out what my purpose was and OMG do I love what I do!!  

For some people, the corporate ladder is their calling and they do it well, very well.  This wasn't me and that was very apparent when I hit my early forties. I am now aligned with a smaller circle of amazing people like you!  I help the lives of people that are drawn to me with positive motivation and extensive business backgrounds to dream big and achieve. 

Serial entrepreneurs, existing small business owners, even individuals training for the Ironman, all keep showing up in my email box because someone gave them my info.  People that are competitive in every sense of their being and thrive on doing what inspires them, winning that contract, creating a product or project that no one else could accomplish or finishing with the best time of their lives. 

I ignored my purpose in life and the things that ignite my soul for years.  My life following the "rat race" mentality felt so wrong and disconnected most of the time.  And I found it to be such a struggle to be happy with my achievements in my great job that was supposed to my make me feel fulfilled and successful.  There was always a camaraderie felt in "the struggle" of life for those in the small boat.

Lying to myself and others stating I was happy with my life and how it was all for the best and it was all ok.  I made statements like, "I can handle this because that was the cards I was dealt in this life".  Make the most of what you are given and be happy with what comes of your struggles, right?  So I constantly told myself, just be happy with the way you are and the way things are and complain into your glass of scotch like everyone else and deal with it!  

Just Me - Creative Business Coach

That is pure bullshit!!  

That is not OK!  That is not the way it has to be done and I sure as hell wasn’t happy!  
This was my epiphany...really?!?  

I knew how I was treating my life, my self, and my soul was ridiculous crap!  I knew this was nothing new, but it was the way I had learned to cope with heartache, loss and disappointment after disappointment .  What was this life changing mantra suppose to teach me?  I really had to step back and take a deep breath and look at who I had become and where I knew, in my soul, I was meant to be.

At first, that great divide between these two mindsets seemed insurmountable.

Old Way Business - New Way Creative Business

Well, if you are with me to this point, my bet is that something in my story resonates with a least a part of yours.  Your struggles, your challenges and those obstacles that always seem to pop up when you start getting somewhere in life.  It speaks to you, the past me that struggled and felt the need to impress and conform to someone else's blueprint for life and happiness. You want to know how to get through it, beyond it and on your path to the life you want.  You want me to give you the golden ticket that answers all your problems and overcomes all your challenges, the obstacles that are in your way on your path to that wonderful life, right?  

I will let you in on a little secret.  You want your dream life and all the abundance that comes with it, you have to do the work.  It is literally as simple as that.  I could tell you all day long how I manifest my dreams daily, and do deep work with my thoughts (which I do weekly) but that isn't going to give you the answers you are looking for in your life.  My coaching style works to help you find your way, help you with your motivation, show you systems that provide you the foundation for an amazing journey, and then be here for the occasional postcard from your amazing dream life that I know you will remember to send.  I want you to have all of that and more!  It is what I live for, what I work for and what I strive for everyday!  

I will work with you and connect you with a group of people who think like you do, work like you do, believe like you do and yes...achieve the way you can and get the life of their dreams!  I will collaborate with you, share with you and be a guiding force of positivity and the occasional truthbomb to get you back on track.  This is who I am and how I coach in my business, I am here for you!

Now you know how my journey started.  You know what I am about and I want to help you find out what your story is, what your purpose is and teach you how to ask, align, accept and achieve!! 

Start your journey today and work with me to get the joy, get the bliss and live the life you've always wanted and you need to start today!!

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